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Men With Two Penises: Bizarre Sex Organ

You might have heard of several anomalies or physical deformities regarding human’s reproductive organ such as a person having more than two testicles; or a man with very tiny penis. There are several medical conditions that affect both men and women, of which is a male having two penises. The plural form of penis is either penises or penes.

Have you ever heard or seen a man with two penes or penises?

The plural form of penis is either penises or penes. It’s is quite absurd but there are cases were a man has two penises. This type of congenital abnormality is known as Diphallia(di means two and phallia means penis).




Are there other names or terms for this bizarre condition?

It is also known as Penile Duplication (PD), Diphallic Terata, or Diphallasparatus.This is a bizarre and rare medical condition in which a male infant is born with two penises.

Who is the first man to have been recorded possessing two penises?

The first reported case of Diphallia was recorded more than 400 years ago in 1609 by Johannes Jacob Wecker, a Swiss physician.

What is the occurrence ratio of this medical condition?

The occurrence of this abnormal medical condition is 1 in 5,500,000 men in the United States.

Will one consider it lucky for having two penes?

This weird condition is usually accompanied by other congenital anomalies like renal, vertebral, hindgut or anorectal duplication. Male infants born with such condition also has higher risk of spina bifida, a developmental congenital disorder caused by the incomplete closing of the embryonic neural tube. Affected infants born with PD and its related conditions also have a higher death rate from various infections associated with their more complex renal or colorectal systems.

If you think having two penises is an advantage, it is not. Those in possession of a Diphallus tend to be sterile, due to either congenital defects or difficulties in application.

How does this condition occur?

This congenital anomaly is thought to occur in the fetus between the 23rd and 25th days of gestation when an injury, chemical stress, or malfunctioning homebox genes hamper proper function of the caudal cell mass of the fetal mesoderm as the urogenital sinus separates from the genital tubercle and rectum to form the penis.

How does a man with two penes urinate?

Urination of a man with Diphallia is also unusual. Urine may either passed by both penises, by only one, or through some other aperture in the perineum. A range of duplication types have been seen, ranging from organs that fissure or split into two, to the presence of two distinct penises positioned at some distance from each other.

So what’s the usual position of the penises in the case of a man with Penile Duplication or PD?

Most Diphalluses lie side by side and are of equal size, but they can be seated atop one another, with one distinctly larger than the other.

Does it also occur in other animals aside from human beings?

This rare medical condition has been documented in pigs and other mammals.

It should be noted that Diphallia is absolutely different from Genital Bisection. The PD is a medical condition while Genital Bisection is an elective procedure which involves the splitting of the penis

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