Improving Male Fertility Through Life Style Changes, Diet and Supplements
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Improving Male Fertility Through Life Style Changes, Diet and Supplements

Ways to improve male fertility.

Male fertility can be an issue when couples find themselves having a hard time trying to conceive. Most male infertility issues can be solved by simple lifestyle and diet changes and with the addition of supplements and herbs. Beginning with knowing your partner's ovulation period, which is usually 12 to 14 days after the first day of her menstrual cycle (her period# this gives a good window to know when she is most fertile. Now that you know when to be sexually active there are some things you can do to improve your sperm count, motility and structure.

First and foremost, please quit smoking. Cigarettes are filled with toxins and free radicals that destroy your sperm. The same goes for excessive alcohol intake, which can lead to disrupting healthy sperm and of course quit any illegal drug use, this does  include marijuana. Drugs can not only harm the count and motility of your sperm but they can also leave you with genetically altered sperm which can cause birth defects if your partner does become pregnant.

Staying fit and exercising regularly will also help sperm production. Men who tend to be over- or under-weight have seen a decrease in sperm counts. Keeping the testicles cool is also an important factor; overheating the testicles causes low sperm count. Men are encouraged to wear loose fitting boxers, staying away from tight clothing in the genital region and also keeping out of hot tubs, hot baths and spas. A new concern in overheating the testicles is men who carry cell phones in their front pants pockets or keep lap top computers for long periods of time on their laps. Stress reduction has been a major factor for low sperm counts and seems to be on the rise in men. Stress leads to the release of adrenalin and other hormones which can restrict blood flow to the testes. Men need to find an outlet to relieve their stress, which can come in the form of a relaxing activity such as, reading, meditating, a calming hobby, quiet uninterrupted time alone without work or other relationships overwhelming them.

Changing your diet to increase fertility makes a huge difference in the health of your sperm and your immune system. First you need to cut out all processed and fatty foods and this includes excess amounts of salt and sugar. Eating a diet containing a lot of organic fresh fruits and vegetables will increase your sperm count and motility. The saying “you are what you eat” should be a constant reminder when you are preparing your foods. It is very important to try and get organic produce due to the harmful affects pesticides and chemicals have on our bodies and especially are reproductive organs. Regular helpings of apples, leafy greens, vegetables, peppers and oranges will increase sperm count. It is recommended you quit drinking soy milk or eating soy products because soy creates estrogen in the male body, thus playing havoc with the male hormones.

As for supplements there are many vitamins, herbs and minerals to help your quality, motility and sperm count.

Selenium- good for motility, can be taken as supplement 200mcg daily, but also found in Brazil nuts

Ginseng- improves the quality of sperm

Coenzyme Q10- increases sperm count, 10mg daily

L-Carnitine- is required for normal sperm function, 3 to 4 grams daily

Astragalus- Chinese herb that stimulates sperm and helps with motility,

Maca Root- contains amino acids, complex carbohydrates, vitamins B1, B2, C, E and minerals calcium, phosphorous, zinc, magnesium and iron. Take ¼ teaspoon daily, increasing to 1 teaspoon daily. Mix with water, juice, tea, yogurt or cereal.

Zinc- proper sperm function, take 15mg twice daily; do not exceed 30mg a day

Vitamin C- antioxidant; take 500mg twice daily

Vitamin E- antioxidant that improves sperm’s ability to impregnate; take 400 Ius twice daily

Vitamin B12- a deficiency in B12 reduces sperm motility and sperm count; take 1000mcg daily

Multivitamin- take a high quality multivitamin

Pumpkin seeds- naturally high in zinc, eat ¼ to ½ cup daily to maintain healthy reproductive system

Flax Seed Oil- source of essential fatty oils, 1 tablespoon daily, can drizzle over salads

Research shows that sperm counts are higher in the morning and it is suggested to have sexual intercourse at least once daily. Some major websites and docotors believe that you should ejaculate (eject or discharge sperm) every few days to have sperm build up in your system but new research shows it may be more beneficial to ejaculate once a day for a higher, healthier sperm count. After much searching on the web I found in regards to what position should you be in to become pregnant faster, the sexual position said to most likely  impregnate a woman is the missionary position (woman lying down flat on her back and the man lies on top of her). Also, remember to use sperm friendly lubricant, nothing containing spermicidal products and do not use your saliva--it too can kill sperm.( I always add the saliva part becasue it was so interesting for me to read that it can kill sperm...who knew?) There is a sperm -friendly lubricant called Pre-Seed that can be found on-line or at your local drug stores. Remember to quit smoking, cut back on alcohol, eat a healthy organic diet, take your vitamins, drink plenty of water, reduce your stress and have lots of fun, enjoyable sex in the morning with your partner and Good Luck!!

My Resources: that gives you more information about the Maca Root and also links where to buy it that talks about the negative effects of Soy products on men that give complete vitamin dosage and detailed explanations of vitamins

WebMD-website that gives you in depth detailed information on the negative effects of smoking and fertility and pesticides and fertility.

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